The JavaScript Programming Language is an essential tool of web developers today. Websites ship more and more JavaScript to the browser to be more interactive. The more complex client-side JavaScript gets, the more error-pro

As editor of Database Weekly, a weekly newsletter on what’s new in the world of databases and data storage generally, I enjoy poking around new database systems and seeing what ideas might end up affecting everyday developer

29 Videos from Last Week's NodeConfEU 2017 NodeConfEU took place in Ireland last week and there are already some great videos out, including Building a radio data network with Node, The memory footprint of Node modules, and

Angular 5, code named pentagonal-donut, was just announced, and with it comes a few new features as well as a number of internal changes to make Angular apps smaller and faster to execute. In this post we’ll briefly go over

Will JavaScript continue to rise in use? What’s in store for the most popular JavaScript frameworks? What’s next for JavaScript being used to run server-side web, mobile and desktop applications?